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A Boothwyn Estate Lawyer


It might be uncomfortable for many people to consider their own mortality. We need to think ahead, however, to develop a comprehensive estate plan. Our firm can explain the legal ramifications of each document and answer your questions in an honest, straightforward manner.

Having an estate plan is an important part of planning for your future. The Law Offices of John Jay Wills can guide you through the process of providing for your loved ones. We provide peace of mind.


A comprehensive estate plan typically includes an array of documents, including:


  • Wills

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Living Wills

  • Healthcare Powers of Attorney


Individuals enjoy the thought that an estate plan gives them the opportunity to decide who gets what when. Having a will in place allows a significant degree of control over your assets after death. If an individual passes away without these documents, Pennsylvania intestacy law will decide the distribution of your assets, in a way that may not coincide with your wishes. Let us help you prevent that.


Do You Need A Legal Checkup?


Even if you have worked to develop a comprehensive estate plan, it is wise to periodically review it to ensure that your plan is still effective. We will examine your estate plan and ask pertinent questions to see if modifications must be made.


  • Are the agents listed on my powers of attorney still acceptable?

  • Are there new heirs to be remembered in the will?

  • Are there new assets that must be accounted for in your estate plan?



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