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A Boothwyn Criminal Defense Attorney


Being charged with a Criminal offense in Pennsylvania is very serious, scary, and costly. Depending on your situation, number of past offenses, and the facts of your case, a criminal offender could be facing; time in prison, significant fines, probation, and limited future job prospects due to a permanent criminal record.


However, there are options to alleviate the burdens of a criminal offense. Depending on the facts of your situation, you may be eligible for a pretrial diversionary program (ARD), rehabilitative probation programs, the dropping of charges, an acquittal, or eventual expungement of your criminal record. There are many variations of options and outcomes when dealing with criminal offenses and they all depend on the facts of your case. At the Law Offices of John Jay Wills we fully understand the legal problems facing our clients and the options available for a positive outcome.


Boothwyn DUI Attorney


The penalties for DUI in Pennsylvania can be severe. Because a DUI conviction carries “mandatory minimum” jail sentences, fines, and a license suspension, it will have a long-term effect on your family life and your ability to earn a living. It is important to consider that even if you have no “trial issues” which would cause you and your attorney to go to trial, the right attorney can navigate the sentencing process with confidence and efficiency, leading a client to the most positive result possible under the circumstances.


The process of going through the criminal justice system can be intimidating and uncertain. Participation in the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program, generally reserved for true first-offenders, may have to be elected even prior to the first hearing in your case. Whether you anticipate participating in ARD, entering a guilty plea, or going to trial, it is imperative that your options be reviewed with a knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with local practice in the county in which your offense occurred. Generally, the case will go through the following process during which your attorney should take all necessary steps to attain the agreed-upon goal.


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